Who are we?

artexperts.be contains the details of the members of the Belgian Chamber of Art Experts, a Professional Association recognised by decision of the Council of State, dated 28 February 1964.

Our experts do not confine themselves to describing a work of art, they value it and provide you with advice regarding its valuation. Whether it concerns an estimate for a sale, a partition, an inheritance or for insurance purposes, there is an expert to advise you, in the best of your interests.
For this reason each member of the Belgian Chamber of Experts in the Work of Art has an insurance policy that covers its responsability.

For over 55 years, our Association has been bringing together the best expert appraisal professionals in Belgium. Only experts sponsored by two full members may be admitted as members; one of the sponsoring members must absolutely be a member of the category for which the applicant is applying. Furthermore, the latter must provide proof of at least ten years professional experience and must be at least thirty years old. The Associationís General Meeting will accept or not the applicant after a three-year probationary period. Furthermore, our members must abide by a code of ethics. Failure to comply with this code means that members could lay themselves open to disciplinary penalties.

The Belgian Chamber of Art Experts advocates the specialisation of its members. How can someone give an opinion on a painting, a piece of pottery and an item of silverware? Multiple specialisation is therefore only allowed within a same category or a related category (painting or sculpture, for example). Our members' specialisation is the best safeguard against amateurism.

To find the personal data of an expert, check the list of experts.
Check the list by specialities to know which expert can advise you.

The expertís remuneration varies according to the entrusted assignment. We advise you to agree first on the calculation of fees (hourly scale, percentage or fixed sum). Any expertise by a member is under his sole responsibility and the Belgian Chamber of Art Experts shall not be held liable for any failure by one of its members.

Henry Bounameaux, Vice-Chairman